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The Fashion Orchard:
an  insightful and multidisciplinar integration of design, education and innovative thinking

21st. April 2024 

Join us in our mission for rethinking systems and work towards sustainable development


THE ORCHARDis a space created to discover, reflect and interact about the core values that lead humans to make daily decisions in their dressing practices. It helps us to explore behaviors as humans, professionals and consumers. For designers, we created a new methodology to approach multidisciplinar projects -The Future Flower- in an intuitive way that does not necessarily serve to the status quo, but brings value to the world.

The soul of the project is to integrate design with education as a new way of thinking+doing by inserting new methodologies in institutions, companies and organizations. 

In this bespoke workshop we set the values that should drive radically innovative, loving, interconnected growth, to lead future change. 

NEW EUROPEAN BAUHAUS INITIATIVE is one of our main sources of inspiration, as it aims to co-create an inclusive future community through three core values: empowerment, sustainability and inclusion.

For us it is a honor to be part of the community and collaborate with our unique approach in innovation and clothing practices.

THE WORKSHOPcreative processes can hold joy and are a sublime way of self expression, enabling lateral thinking processes and helping to transform the subject of observation and analysis. It is urgent to integrate educational aspects of sustainability, disruptive and transformational concepts that lead us towards empowering future generations in terms of inspiration, motivation, consumption and uncertainty by fighting the culture of disposability and immediacy. Value should be at the heart of any future creation.

The Fashion Orchard prepares the field to help youth, individuals, companies, suppliers and designers to seamlessly implement new methodologies in their work and lifestyles, and encourages youth to make well informed and aware decisions that connect with their culture and authenticity. We provide great support and understanding during the process of critical learning by recognizing the foundational values that lead our most intuitive habits. 

The workshop aims to contribute to the idea of replacing the logic: create - use - produce - sell - buy - dispose , and transform it into: explore -  question - understand - accept - innovate - create value - question - revalue - enjoy - make it yours - question again :)


unFOLDER our raison d'être is to pull together a creative and disruptive community of like-minded individuals, that work closely and collectively to co-create lifestyles of wellbeing by making out of fashion, a force for good. Our mission is to shape strategies and accompany critical paths, to implement radical innovation and circular thinking through bespoke creativity, environmental commitment and socio-cultural sensitivity.



Participation in the Workshop


New European
Bauhaus Festival

Join us for an interactive session on the purpose of Design, the principles of Sustainable Lifestyles and its links to Education, integrating them with methodologies, to be part of the collective construction of a better tomorrow.

We are looking for institutions, brands, designers, like-minded individuals and organizations to join us for the implementation of the project at different levels. Stay around!

For us it is a honor

to be part of the community and collaborate with our unique approach in design, education and clothing practices.



20/04/2024 - 11hs

Welcome !




interactive Q&A

13.15hs - 13.30hs

Open Feedback & Networking

on-line event

For all those interested in attending the on line event, suscribe here

Join the Movement

April 21, 2024 

Sign up for joining the On-Line Satellite Event, we are waiting for you !

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